What is the FoamPartyMasters Certified Affiliate Network?


When you join our family, we don’t just turn you lose and say good luck - The FoamMaster Certified Affiliate Network is an industry first, revolutionary support program designed by Foam Party industry leaders for Foam Party Professionals. It’s everything you need to hit the ground running and start your foam party business immediately, and Best of all:


What You Get!

Sounds great so far, right? Well we’re just getting started… Watch this video to get a great overview of everything or read on if you don’t like clicking play on things because you’ve been Rick Roll’d too many times...


At FoamMaster by FoamPartyMasters we are committed to seeing you be the best. That’s why we started our Certified Affiliate Network. It’s for people who are serious about their party business. And if you’re here, you’re one of those people.

Will there be al-a-carte options for those that want a little more help?


Absolutely! We plan to offer all sorts of extras at a discount that we just can’t afford to offer as a free part of the affiliate program. Things like:


So what's the catch? Well, just be a good person. That's it. That's the only condition...


But our lawyers say we have to have some terms and conditions and best practices, and you can read about that here.


When you join our Affiliate program you will represent all of us each time you go out there and foam. We will not manage you, you will be your own business. But we do have to have some core principles we expect everyone to abide by to continue to get the benefits of being in our network, so we all succeed.

Things like Safety, and Don’t Discriminate, and No sexual harrasment, and keep your politics out of your public business relations (No matter who you are or what you believe/support I think we can all agree to do our part to keep that out of our Network for the good of everyone)

Yeah. See? Easy!

Wanna read more about Best Practices and Terms?

Best Practices & Terms and Conditions


Ok, so how much?


For the first full year after you purchase a FoamMaster OG Cannon you get everything included in the affiliate program, including discounts on the al-a-carte options.  That’s right, we give you a full year on us to show you our stuff!  After that we will ask a small yearly fee to stay a part of the Network.  We hope to have made the choice to stay with us a no-brainer after that first year and we promise to keep the fee equivalent to only one or two of the many many foam parties we helped you get over the year!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get this Foam Party Started!

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